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Monday 5/9/2011 reading wrap-up

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Privacy advocacy groups support Rockefeller “Do Not Track” bill – Senator John Rockefeller has introduced a bill that would allow users to opt out of online tracking.  Many websites rely on this data to display targeted advertisement based on the user’s interests.

Analysis of Intel’s “3D” transistors – David Kanter of RealWorldTech offers a good explanation of Intel’s announcement of its 22 nanometer “Tri-Gate” transistors.  More importantly, Kanter offers some valuable insight on how this affects Intel’s competitiveness against ARM Holdings which licenses the ARM processors so dominant in Smartphone and Tablet products.  The question many analysts are asking is whether this allows Intel to defeat ARM, but that is too simplistic a question.  The more accurate question is how this moves the battle lines which are defined by power consumption characteristics.  Intel dominates microprocessors whose maximum power consumption above 5 watts which includes notebooks, desktops, and servers because of its performance advantage, but lacks products with suitable low power and long battery life characteristics required for SmartPhones and Tablets.  ARM dominates in the sub 1 watt range but lacks products with sufficient performance for notebooks, desktops, and servers.  But Tablets and higher performance SmartPhones sit in the grey area and that is where Intel’s latest advancements can help it gain some ground.

AT&T and opponents of T-Mobile merger to face off on HillAT&T will testify before a Senate Judiciary Committee this Wednesday to make its case on AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile for $39 Billion.

BroadbandBreakfast.com: Experts Debate Incentive Auctions at Brookings - Policy wonks and technical experts debate spectrum auctions.

Dean Bubley’s Disruptive Wireless: Business model innovation in mobile broadband – the insurance model?Dean Bubley suggests that mobile wireless broadband should be billed like car insurance on an annual basis.  Sounds like a solution in search of a problem, and a poor solution at that.

Nearpoints: Wi-Fi: No Slowdown in Innovation – YetMotorola has controller that controls 10,000 wireless access points.

U.S. Cellular announces plans for 4G LTE network to launch by end of 2011U.S. Cellular will deploy 4G LTE in “select cities” by the end of 2011 and expand in 2012.

Google Chrome web browser suffers first serious breach – Google’s fast rising Chrome web browser is one of the most secure web browsers in the world but even it isn’t completely immune.  Security firm VUPEN found a serious vulnerability that allows malicious websites take over visitor’s computers.

Google expands YouTube video rental business – Sony, Universal Pictures, and Warner Brothers will begin renting movies over YouTube.  The movies will be streamed and viewable for 24 hours.  One question is whether YouTube will implement functional DRM or not because the current YouTube videos (even the HD music video premieres) are completely unprotected.

23000 illegal downloaders of “Expendables” to be sued – People who illegally downloaded the Stallone action flick “Expendables” will be facing a mass lawsuit.  This is the largest case to date and the settlements that have typically been offered is $3000 per infringement.

Sony still unsure when PlayStation network will come back onlineThe online service for Sony PlayStation customers has been offline since April 20 after Sony’s servers were compromised and 77 million customer data was stolen.

Why the term “data science” is flawed but useful – O’Reilly Radar

Today’s e-Reads Updated: How Valuable Is Personal Information? – Tech Daily Dose

Mozilla Questions Takedown Demand | Center for Democracy & Technology

Worried about data caps? Here’s how to check your usage

Broadcasters’ Report Cries Foul on FCC Whitespace Auction Plans – IEEE Spectrum


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